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Object regulations

Annex No. 1 to Resolution No.XXV / 297/2020 of the City Council of Ostrów Wielkopolski of August 26, 2020.

RULES OF THE ARENA OSTRÓW sports and entert

RULES OF THE ARENA OSTRÓW sports and entertainment hall in Ostrów Wielkopolski

I. Definitions

Administrator – The entity that administers and manages the Hall.
Press accreditation – Authorization to enter the Hall, issued to press representatives, radio, television and other media upon presentation of a press card issued by the mother editorial office or after obtaining the appropriate consent of the Administrator.

Document entitling you to enter the Hall:
1) Valid admission ticket – in the case of event participants as the audience (the admission ticket is a form of a civil law contract concluded for the duration of the stay at the event between the event organizer and the buyer – the ticket holder). The ticket should be kept for inspection throughout the duration of the event, unless the regulations of the event provide otherwise.
2) Applicable contract.
3) A valid competition participation card.
4) A valid entry card, issued by the Administrator or the Organizer of the event on the basis of:
a) press accreditation obtained from the Administrator or Organizer of the event – in the case of representatives of the press, radio, television and other media.
b) on the basis of a valid official ID – in the case of representatives of state services, municipal, medical.
5) A valid invitation issued by the Organizer of the event.
6) A valid ID or admission card issued by the Organizer of the event for service staff and the Organizer of the event.
7) A valid ID or entry card issued by the Administrator to Tenants and their employees, Cleaning service, Hall Security, Administrator’s employees, employees or associates entities performing tasks resulting from concluded contracts and agreements. Sports and entertainment hall – The building is located at st. A. Kowalczyka 1 in Ostrów Wielkopolski, hereinafter referred to as Hall.

Event – events, activities, ventures organized in the Hall, in particular
events: sports, culture and entertainment, fairs and exhibitions, including mass events within the meaning of the Act of March 20, 2009 on the safety of mass events (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019 item 2171).

Hall security – The entity implementing, at the request of the Administrator, protection of persons and property in the Hall
Organizer of the event – An entity that, under a separate agreement, uses the Hall for the purpose conducting the Event.

Regulations – This document – Hall Regulations

Event Regulations – Separate regulations introduced by the Organizer before the Event organized in the hall.

Cleaning service – The entity that implements the cleaning service on the premises, at the request of the Administrator Hall.

User – Persons regularly or temporarily staying in the Hall, including: Tenants, Service cleaners, Hall Security, Administrator’s employees, employees or associates of entities Official Journal of the Wielkopolska Region – 2 – Pos. 6648 performing tasks resulting from concluded contracts, agreements, legal regulations, participants events, ticketed activities, publicly available activities, participants of sports activities, individual training, recreational activities, players of clubs, sports sections and other groups organized under the supervision of an adult guardian, teacher, instructor or trainer, and all other people staying on the premises of the Hall – including those driving a vehicle on the premises of the Hall.

II. General provisions

1. The purpose of the Regulations is to establish the rules for the proper use of the Hall.

2. The hall is owned by the City of Ostrów Wielkopolski, administered and managed by the Administrator.

3. The hall is intended for carrying out, among others, sports activities and games, sports events, cultural and entertainment events as well as trade fairs and exhibitions.

4. Users staying on the premises of the Hall are obliged to strictly comply with provisions of these Regulations. The regulations are available on the website at ………………………………… ..… .. and can be viewed at the main reception of the Hall.

5. Entering or entering the premises of the Hall means that you have read the Regulations, agree to their wording and undertake to comply with them.

6. The provisions contained in the Regulations do not replace the provisions of other agreements regarding the provision of premises and area of the Hall, but are complementary. In the event of discrepancies, the provisions contained in individual contracts shall prevail.

III. Organizational and order rules

General rules

1.1. People entering the Hall are required to have a valid identity document.

1.2. Entry to the Hall is allowed only upon presentation of the Document authorizing entry to the Hall. The opening hours of the Hall and all Events at the Hall take place according to the agreed schedule. The Administrator decides about the opening and closing hours of the Hall.

1.3. Moving around the hall takes place only in designated areas.

1.4. In the event of the organization of the Event, admission to the Hall may be excluded or limited. Entry to the premises of the Hall during the limited access hours indicated by the Administrator will only take place through the designated entrance.

1.5. For the use of the Hall, fees are charged in accordance with the applicable price list.

1.6. The hall has a CCTV monitoring system that records video and sound. Staying in the Hall means consenting to the recording, processing and dissemination of the image of people staying in the Hall, including for security, documentation and evidence purposes.

1.7. The Hall may not be used for Events that:
1.7.1. They promote values and content prohibited by law.
1.7.2. They pose a safety risk to people or the hall.

The following persons are not allowed to enter the Hall:

2.1. Drunk people, after consuming alcohol or other intoxicants.

2.2. Persons for whom the Court ruled a penal measure in the form of a ban on entering mass events.

On the premises of the Hall, it is forbidden to:

3.1. Destruction and interference with its infrastructure.

3.2. Smoking tobacco, tobacco products and related products, outside of special smoking areas. Official Journal of the Wielkopolska Region – 3 – Pos. 6648

3.3. Entering zones and rooms not open to the public, in particular technical rooms, rooms reserved for athletes, contractors, administration and employees of the Administrator.

3.4. Leaving garbage outside the bins intended for this purpose.

3.5. Conducting any business activity (including marketing, advertising, etc.) or any agitation, including political agitation, without the Administrator’s prior consent, expressed in writing under pain of nullity – and at any request of the Hall Security or another person authorized by the Administrator, it is necessary is to present a document confirming that the above consent has been obtained.

3.6. Post (including sticking, painting) any advertisements on fences and asphalt adjacent areas, walls, windows or other elements, both internal and external.

3.7. Introducing animals, unless their introduction has been agreed with the Administrator or the Organizer of the event.

3.8. Displaying banners or boards without the consent of the Administrator or the Organizer of the event.

3.9. Taking care of physiological needs apart from toilets and littering the area of ​​the Hall.

3.10. Blocking communication routes, access roads for emergency services, evacuation routes.

3.11. Use the infrastructure and equipment located in the Hall in a manner inconsistent with their intended use.

3.12. Leaving luggage or other items unattended.

3.13. Use of bicycles outside of designated areas.

3.14. Bringing materials that are hazardous, corrosive, harmful to health, burdensome, with an irritating smell, flammable, explosive, hazardous chemicals that are prohibited by applicable law and orders of appropriate services.

3.15. Carry all kinds of weapons, knives, chains, clubs, sticks, machetes, hard objects, sharp objects, and other dangerous items that could be used as a weapon or projectile.

3.16. Bringing alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or psychotropic substances.

3.17. Bringing instruments and mechanical devices to produce sounds and noises and trumpets, unless their bringing has been agreed with the Administrator or the Organizer of the event.

3.18. Carry on laser pointers.

3.19. Putting on clothes that can be used to mask the face to make identification difficult.

It is also forbidden to:

4.1. Using open fire, conducting pyrotechnic shows, conducting fire-hazardous works.

Carrying out the activities specified in point 4.1. it is possible only on the basis of the Administrator’s written consent, upon presentation of the required documentation.

Conducting shows with the use of open fire and pyrotechnic materials is allowed only by persons with appropriate permissions, required by law.

Conducting fire-hazardous work is possible only on the terms specified in the Fire Safety Instructions.

People staying in the Hall who violate public order, good manners, pose a threat to other people staying in the Hall, as well as people who do not comply with these Regulations or the instructions of: Hall security, emergency services, security services of the Organizer of the event, employees Administrator, may be removed from the premises of the Hall without reimbursement of the admission costs incurred, regardless of the possible referral of the case to criminal and / or civil proceedings. Official Journal of the Wielkopolska Region – 4 – Pos. 6648

The administrator does not have a deposit for alcohol and other items and materials that are not allowed to be brought into the hall.

IV. Safety rules in the hall

General principles of safety and liability

1.1. The Security of the Hall or another entity indicated by the Administrator is responsible for the safety in the Hall, in particular the protection of persons and property, on the terms specified in the agreement on the use of the Hall or its part.

1.2. The protection of the Hall is entitled and is obliged to enforce the provisions of the Regulations and ensure the safety of life and health, as well as to take measures to prevent crimes and offenses and the occurrence of damage resulting from these events in the Hall, as well as to prevent access of unauthorized persons.

1.3. The scope of powers of the Hall Security employees includes:
a) checking the Document entitling to enter the Hall, referred to in Chapter I of the Regulations,
b) ordering unauthorized persons to leave the Hall, persons who do not have the Document authorizing access to the Hall, referred to in Chapter I of the Regulations or persons who do not comply with the provisions of the Regulations, in particular the rules set out in Chapter III of the Regulations, and in the event of non-compliance by the person with the order – The hall security is obliged to call the competent state services,
c) issuing orders regarding safety and order in the Hall,
d) the right to enter any area in the Hall in order to verify the condition of the premises,

Rules for using the Hall during the Events:

2.1. The Organizer of the Event may introduce separate Regulations of the Event, agreed with the Administrator before the Event, on the basis of the contract for the organization of the Event.

2.2. If the Event Regulations regulate the same subject as these Regulations, the Event Regulations, introduced in accordance with the provisions in Chapter IV, point 2.1.

2.3. In connection with the preparation and organization of the Event on the premises of the Hall, the Administrator will inform each time before the Event about the date of excluding the Hall or its part from access to third parties.

2.4. The Organizer of the event is responsible for safety in connection with the Event and during the Event in accordance with applicable law.

2.5. The rules for the availability of the Hall in connection with the organization of the Event are specified by the Organizer of the event in consultation with the Administrator.

V. Rules for media representatives

Media representatives have the right to enter the Hall after obtaining the press accreditation and obtaining an entry card from the Administrator or Organizer of the Event.

The visit of media representatives in the Hall should be notified in advance to the Administrator.

VI. Final Provisions

The Administrator reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Regulations.